6 Tips to Immediately Improve Your Writing Skills

Do you ever wish you had paid more attention in your high school English composition class? Maybe you’re feeling rusty on the more obscure grammar rules, or perhaps you wish you knew how to use adjectives in a way that elevates (rather than complicates) your writing. Being a skilled writer takes practice and dedication, but if you’re mostly looking to polish up some skills (instead of becoming the next Hemingway) then here are some quick tips that will immediately improve your writing skills.
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How to Write a Speech: Edit With Purpose

Dear Fellow Speakers (and Writers),

It’s time for some tough love about how we spend our time on the stage. Too often we get so wrapped up in thinking we are saying the most important thing ever, that we abuse the time allotted and end up boring our audience. Or worse, we speak for so long they become agitated and even feel trapped! This isn’t just a stage problem, it can go back to the beginning of preparation, all the way to the writing process as well.
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