How to Make Complex Info Accessible for Your Audience

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t know it well enough.” –Albert Einstein

One of the biggest challenges speakers and writers face, especially those who are experts in their field, is how to make complex information accessible and relatable to the audience. Whenever I address this topic with my clients, the immediate push-back I get is “I don’t want to dumb it down.” I expect this reaction, because most of us are not only attached to our work, we’re attached to being experts in our field.
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3 Reasons Why You Need a Presentation Coach

In the last few years, TED and TEDx Talks have rapidly become the gold standard of public speaking: the presentations are informative, witty, innovative, and demonstrate the best of what a killer presentation can do. But did you ever wonder how they manage to maintain that level of consistency and quality in every Talk? Are all of these subject matter experts also naturally brilliant orators as well?
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How to Maximize Filming Your Presentations

Many presenters have ample reason to record their presentations. It can be for the simple reason of watching to improve speaking skills, all the way to creating content for websites and marketing materials. But very few of us have the know-how to really use the camera in such a way that we look great.

My husband Shannendoah is both a skilled presenter and an experienced videographer, and he often coaches speakers on how to work with the camera to achieve great results. I’m shamelessly ripping off his material for this post. Here are some of his top tips:
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How to Write a Speech: Edit With Purpose

Dear Fellow Speakers (and Writers),

It’s time for some tough love about how we spend our time on the stage. Too often we get so wrapped up in thinking we are saying the most important thing ever, that we abuse the time allotted and end up boring our audience. Or worse, we speak for so long they become agitated and even feel trapped! This isn’t just a stage problem, it can go back to the beginning of preparation, all the way to the writing process as well.
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