If you are…

  • A professional who needs to sharpen their presentation skills
  • A trainer who wants to get better results for their clients
  • A writer who wants to build stronger connections with the reader
  • Someone who recognizes that having strong communication skills will drastically help their career…

Then you’re in the right place!

I’m a writer, speaking coach, and trainer and I’m here to teach you what I teach my students and clients to help them become savvy, influential communicators.  While teaching at a small university I worked with artists and designers on how to articulate their ideas to persuade their target audience. I’m a TEDx speaker coach and I work with professionals to help them deliver the TEDx Talk of their life. And I’ve trained multiple organizations, including the Georgia Department of Public Health and Habitat for Humanity, on how to become better at communicating and thus, problem-solving. My passion is teaching, and working with students and clients to achieve the “aha!” moment that will forever change their lives is what drives me.

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