I loved working with Natalie. She hit the right balance of challenge and support - she made me a better speaker, and more importantly, helped me realize the talk that I ultimately wanted to give.

Dr. James Beckerman, MD Cardiologist

Dr. James Beckerman, MD

Cardiologist, TEDx Speaker St. Vincent Medical Center

Delivering a speech that is relevant, fun and memorable, is no easy task. Thanks to the countless hours of direction and support from Natalie, I pulled it off.

Eloisa Klementich

Eloisa Klementich

President & CEO, TEDx Speaker Invest Atlanta

I’ve known Natalie as a speaker, presentation coach, and writer.  Is there anything this gal can’t do?!  Natalie’s approach to her work and with her clients bespeaks the smart, caring, authentic person that she is.  She’s a joy to work with and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to communicate effectively in spoken or written form.

Kelly Vandever

Speaking Coach and Trainer Speaking Practically

Natalie’s unique approach blends thorough research with real-world problem solving, and the effect of this makes abstract concepts accessible to everyone, without compromising the message. She has a very gifted approach to presenting information in a way that fosters participation and discussion, and is able to guide others into drawing their own concrete conclusions.

Aaron Barreras CG Director Syncronos Design, Inc.

Aaron Barreras

CG Technical Director Syncronos Design, Inc.

Write With Skill

Words matter, and they’re extremely powerful, no matter whether they’re spoken, posted on social media, or written on a page. Learn how to organize, revise, and refine your words so your message is always on point and meaningful!

Speak with Passion

Deliver the kind of presentations that people not only connect with on a deeper level, but that they remember for years to come. Become the kind of speaker you want to listen to, and that your audience deserves!

Train with Purpose

What’s worse than sitting through a terrible training? Being the trainer who delivered that training. I know you can do better, and when you deliver engaging and effective trainings, clients always come back for more!

Several years ago blogging began mostly as personal online journals where people detailed their day-to-day lives, reviewed foods/music/movies/etc., or served to build communities around niche interests. Today blogging is one of the most effective marketing tools a business owner can utilize to find new customers and clients, and keep current customers and clients happy. In […]